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YAMAKI fangirl's Journal
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Sunday, December 23rd, 2012
5:48 pm
Devilish love
Summary: Maki and Yamapi are two devilish young people. Both players. What happens when they fall in love? What happens before they fall in love? who knows will Yamapi play around with her for abit, will she let him? Do they realise they are meant to be? Mafia lovers.
Romance fanfiction.
• Maki’s father (jay) and his mafia gang shares top with Yamapi’s father (jun) and his gang.
• Each gang has thousands of members.
• Maki’s dad and yamapi’s dad are the best of friends.
• Maki has five brothers, four elder ones and one younger one.
• Yamapi has two brothers one elder and one younger.
• Yamapi and Maki have never met somehow even though their father’s do everything together.
A/N- This is totally OOC. They’re not even Japanese in this fanfic. Maki is actually Spanish, and so is yamapi. Yamapi is a Casanova and Maki is also a female Casanova. What will happen aye? Pretend names aren’t Japanese please, some aren’t anyway;-)
Characters: Maki, yamapi, Kame, Jin, Koki, Ryu, Nicky/Nick, Alice/ali, families, other various random people.

devilish love
Chapter One 
No pov.
They walk down the dark street, on their way to the night club. All of them wearing smart, suave yet cool suits ready to find some fake stupid girls willing to half full-fill their needs.
Entering their usual club, ‘underground club’ they put on their player faces. The bouncer at the door doesn’t even bother to ask for id or ask them to stand in line, as they were VIP. And the leader of the group Yamapi owns this and many other clubs around the world.
Sitting down in their VIP section, they turned all the girls’ heads, even maybe some guy’s heads.
‘’mm, doesn’t something seem different tonight?’’ Kame says to yamapi
‘’what you mean bro?’’ he replied.
‘’well, the fact that there is a massive crowd around another VIP instead of ours?’’
Yamapi notices this and turns to the girl who placed herself next to him. ‘’Do you know what’s going on, my love’’ he said moving his index finger down who flushing cheeks.
After stuttering a few times, she manages to reply with ‘’Well..how can you not know? ...She’s back. ‘’
Yamapi, Kame, Jin, Koki and Ryu look at each other. ‘’Who is?’’
Maki’s pov
Sitting in a VIP room, Maki and her two best friends; Nicky and Alice, are sipping cherry vodka’s.
‘’Ah it’s good to be back, although living in spain for the past three years as been luxury, it’s great to be back at our old hangout (referring to club ‘’Underground’’) – Maki.
Three years ago when Maki, Nicky and Alice were all 20 Maki decied to move back to Spain for her own reasons (needed to get away from the same thing). She didn’t tell anyone not even Nick, he closest friend. Yet somehow Nick and Alice found out and when Maki got onto her family’s private jet, she found them sitting their drinking their usual cherry vodka, and they stayed together in her Spain house for three years.
‘’allllllright, let’s go dance’’ Maki says after pulling away from the guy she was making out with.
They moved to the floor. All eyes on them, even some un-expected ones. They swayed to the beat ‘radar’ by Britney spears, perfectly fitting.
Yamapi’s POV.
Before the girl could respond to the guy’s question, huge screams were heard. The crowd in the club we’re going crazy over someone dancing.
Yamapi pushed the girl away, and she just walked over to join her friends with eyes full of tears because of the rudeness Yamapi had just shown her.
Yamapi, Ryu, Kame, Koki & Jin moved to the bar and looked down to the dance floor. They saw a beautiful petite women wearing a short fitted black dress with sparkling diamonds cover the top, dancing to man-eater by Nelly Furtado in the middle of the floor with two average yet radiant girls.
They knew just by looking at the girl, although she looked innocent and sweet that she was a devious women, and the song that was playing was like it was written specifically for her. (maneater)
Sorry, first chapters boring. It'll get better promisee <3

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
6:47 pm
Sunshine After Rain: 4

Pairing: Kurosaki/Tsurara

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG

Summary: Kurosaki and Tsurara haven’t seen each other in a year. Things have changed, they’ve changed. They thought that they’d seen each other for the last time, but what happens when destiny doesn’t take no for an answer?

Other chapters on journal :D

Disclaimer: I really don’t see why I’d be writing fanfics if I owned any of the beautiful characters. Just to clarify that, i don’t own any of the characters (except Kiyoshi), nor do i own Kurosagi!

Super sorry for not updating frequently. I have no excuse, just Boys over flowers Korea (seriously you guys should watch it!) and SoEul fanfics. Yeah, SoEul, blame them. I’m on holidays so i should’ve updated by now. I know what you’re thinking, what a selfish bitch, and you’re right! (Once again blame it on SoEul). Anyways I thought it would finally be a good time for a reunion so their relationship could progress. Tell me what you think peepz!

Enjoy !J Kita


"I stop at the eyes. Such sad and cold eyes. Wait, what? I let out a little yelp and freeze. I look into his eyes and catch my breath. It’s him. Dear God it’s him."

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Sunday, December 13th, 2009
4:09 pm
Sunshine After Rain: 3

Pairing: Kurosaki/Tsurara

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG

Summary: There’s no point for a summary when you can just read it

Sorry for being so late! I went to Sydney and sort of lost inspiration. But never fear, i couldn’t bear to let you guys down, thanks for the support. Enjoy!


"He wraps his arms swiftly around my waist, in an intimate embrace and brings his face closer towards mine, until our lips are only centimetres apart. "

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Sunday, November 29th, 2009
6:58 pm
Sunshine After Rain

Disclaimer: i Most definately do not own any of the characters,because if i did, they would've so had a makeout scene by now

This is my first fanfic, so please don't kill me if it's shitty! and i know it's short, something i hate when i'm reading fics, but hopefully i'll get better. And i'm hoping to add more chapters so comments would definately be appreciated! So here it is, Enjoy:)



“Love Comeforeth like Sunshine after Rain.”

Just another line that Yukari keeps repeating. They’re doing so much work on Shakespeare at University, i guess Yukari was bound to discover a quote or passage she absoloutley loved. But every time she says it i feel the words pull at my heartstrings. If only it were true. I haven’t seen Kurosaki for nearly a year. It’s been nearly a year since i moved out. I had to, because he was right, i was bad for him, and I didn’t belong in his world. So i left, and even though i knew it wouldn’t happen, i still had hoped he would stop me and say “Don’t go, i need you.” But he didn’t. I don’t think he even cared. To him it was just another obstacle out of the way. But it’s been so long, and i feel like it’s still raining. When’s the sunshine gonna come Yukari? I want to ask her. Will it ever stop raining?



I walk out of my apartment and turn to lock the door. I hear a clatter of keys and i turn to look. Where? At her door. But it’s just the old man a few apartments down, trying to lock his door as well. I lay my head against my door and close my eyes. Calm down Kurosaki, it’s just the old man. It isn’t her, the one you’ve been waiting for. I immediately jerk my head back and open my eyes. Waiting for her? Am i seriously going crazy? There’s absolutely no reason for me to. I wanted her out and that’s what i got. Realising it was just the old man doesn’t fail to leave me feeling full of disappointment. Even though I’d never admit it, i always have hope that she’ll come back, that I’ll see her beautiful and naive face again. But it’s not likely, and that’s a good thing. I walk down the steps, past my purring cat. That’s when i realise I’m not the only one waiting for her. But there’s no point, I’m meant to be alone. So I keep walking. Away from the memories that haunt me at night, away from my loneliness, and away from the little hope i have left.


So, what did you think? please comment if you like or have any constructive criticism. thx!!

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Monday, March 16th, 2009
12:35 am

Hi guys, missiemae here.

just wanted to say that i posted up a fic-index: missiemae fic-index
i basically write YAMAKI and i dont necessarily post everything up in the communities.
so if you're bored. and like yamaki (and like a few other pairings).

Friday, October 26th, 2007
5:31 pm
From This Day Chapter Three
Title: From This Day
Pairing: Yamashita Tomohisa X Horikita Maki
Summary: Like the lovely Lakeside Inn she managed Horikita Maki was charming and old fashioned. She had no intention of allowing the new owner, hotel tycoon Yamashita Tomohisa, to modernize her beloved inn and destroy its uniqueness.
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING (sadly)
A/N: Maki and Yamapi's characters will be older than real life. 


Chapter Three 

Enjoy Comments are always appreciated.

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Friday, September 21st, 2007
11:43 am
Yamaki fanfic

Title: From This Day
Pairing: Yamashita Tomohisa X Horikita Maki
Summary: Like the lovely Lakeside Inn she managed Horikita Maki was charming and old fashioned. She had no intention of allowing the new owner, hotel tycoon Yamashita Tomohisa, to modernize her beloved inn and destroy its uniqueness.
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING (sadly)
A/N: Maki and Yamapi's characters will be older than real life. 

Chapter One   http://mtis001.livejournal.com/6227.html

Chapter Two   http://mtis001.livejournal.com/6640.html

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